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Call Us: 608.347.7034

About the owner

of the unique & delicious AllyPops

Meet Allison, the AllyPops Creator

Allison always had big plans for her future. Amongst them, having a career to make the world a better place and help support the family unit were simply a given. Making ice pops was not on the initial list.

As life played out, she wound up marrying, living abroad for a couple years as a Peace Corps Volunteer and teacher, and eventually became the mother of two beautiful daughters.

When school wasn’t going well for her oldest daughter, Allison plunged into the homeschool world. Homeschooling was a big decision and turned out to be an amazing fit for Allison and her kids. Allison loves creativity, constant learning (through studies and activities at home, as well as from professionals out in the community), problem-solving, the daily ability to be active outdoors, explore new places, and their time with friends.

The idea for AllyPops really came as a solution which combined her hopes, aspirations, practical real-world needs, and many passions while allowing enough flexibility to not compromise on her family or her kid’s education.

Allison has always loved fresh fruits and vegetables. Her favorite meal is putting together a hearty salad, and her favorite dessert is berries or pretty much any fruit that is in season. Blending flavors together offers endless new and exciting challenges, and making a flavorful ice pop with pleasing texture turned out to be fun science (you have to love learning new things to be a teacher, after all). Couple that with her native emphasis on the importance of building strong communities, supporting local businesses and farmers, being environmentally responsible, and having fun on BOTH sides of the counter, and there you have AllyPops.

Like a fish back in water.

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